SAP® Partnership — SymbaSync Press Release

Edinburgh, United Kingdom —July 10th 2019

SymbaSync Ltd, a human resources software innovation company, announces today that it has partnered with SAP’s® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem. This partnership will allow SymbaSync to integrate with SAP’s SuccessFactors, thus continuing their plan to integrate with major Human Capital Management database providers. By making use of SAP resources, this move greatly broadens the reach and service to customers of their newest platform — Project Team Builder.

Following the ongoing success of two Project Team Builder trial runs with RBS in Edinburgh and OTP Bank in Budapest, SymbaSync can now explore extended feature implementation and integration to its future collaborators with the aid of the SAP partnership program.

Joseph McElmeel, CEO of SymbaSync, says:

SymbaSync’s efforts will seamlessly integrate with SAP’s ground-breaking cloud suite, SuccessFactors, in order to provide a full and rewarding Human Capital Management experience, both for employer and employee. Following SAP’s philosophy of airtight recruitment and onboarding experience, as well as qualitative HR core practices, SymbaSync applies the same concepts to the integration of its two major products with HCM providers. SymbaSync is committed to aiding the modern workforce revolution and the partnership with SAP’s® PartnerEdge open ecosystem signifies an important step in this direction.



SymbaSync helps organizations maximize return on employee investment by providing Human Resources Software to source, qualify, and engage employees to populate project teams. SymbaSync’s tools increase employee satisfaction while improving employee ownership, devotion, and retention.

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