Unlock the intellectual capital of your enterprise

TeamCreator enables you to instantly engage, deploy, and maximise diverse groups of employees


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An enterprise tool to fully engage employees.


Keep all employees at the fingertips of team leaders with TeamCreator‘s one-click feature for engaging all relevant employees. This allows all employees to be considered regardless of connections, reputation, or if they are not actively considering a project; bringing dispersed enterprises closer together.

  • NMulti-lingual and local language
  • NIncentivised employee onboarding
  • NAutomated project feedback
  • NAPI on-boarding (SAP, WorkDay...)
  • NSystem customisation
  • NPersonal set-up assistance
  • NPilot test launch
  • NLocal hosting
  • NOngoing success management

Increase Employee Retention


Engaging employees with cross-functional agile project teams or allowing them to transfer their talents to new teams increases an enterprise’s employee morale; if they are happy and engaged, they are not looking to work for anyone else.

Maximise Investments in Employee Development 


Data-driven insights establish your employees’ current skill-set. Help them develop in roles that will enhance their experience and skills, enriching your enterprise’s  investment in them tenfold.

Top Service Level Option

I. Research Interviews

3-5 Project Leader interviews and 5-10 Employee interviews to determine customization requirements for your enterprise

II. Integration

API keys integration set-up with SAP, Workday, Taleo, and other enterprise solutions

III. Customisation

System is customised for use case, industry, and optimum performance for ease of use

IV. Soft Launch

Primary Users/Project Leaders perform a trial run providing feedback on ease of use for customisation for your enterprise

V. Serviced on-boarding

Ongoing incentive program for launch and continuing engagement with all groups of your enterprise

V. Full System Launch

Deploy with on-going feedback & auto-updates for the life of the enterprise contract