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The best organizations deploy project teams quickly and often.

TeamCreator software is built for every member of your organization to be quickly sourced, assigned, and deployed on valuable projects.

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Identify team members available now or in the future to utilize within projects. 


Populate teams quickly and confidently with an always up-to-date and accurate SkillsDB.


Ensure team members, consultants, and employees fit within your project budget. 


View analysis of speed of deployment, project results, team feedback, skill growth, and employee engagement.

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Automate employee skills database on-boarding and update

Employees and contractors come with skills and experience that grow during each project. Have TeamCreator automate the management & accuracy of your skills database.

Engage. Deploy. Retain.

Engage and source for project teams instantly from amongst all your current employees, contractors, and applicants in a way where no one is left out, no individual is under-utilized, and  everyone feels more company ownership and devotion.

Deploy and develop your employees by considering all employees based only on experience, skills, interest, costs, and availability; removing bias ensures your teams have the best, most logical talent deployed on the correct projects and helps you to develop employees in new areas.

Retain employees by engaging and deploying them logically to project teams without relying on word-of-mouth, who you know, or career pages; maximising return on employee investment (ROEI) and engaging your workforce is proven to improve retention.

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Main Features

Instantly identify and notify top matching employees for appropriate roles in a project team

Publish a project role and with one click TeamCreator notifies the top matching employees to inform them about the project and request feedback on their interest.

Engaged workforce means employee retention and mobility

Maximize the investment spent hiring and developing employees, plus utilize that intellectual capital by keeping them interested and engaged with new and agile project teams.

There is no “search” to identify candidates, every employee is instantly ranked for each role

TeamCreator instantly ranks every employee in the system based on availability, skills, sector experience, cost, and more, so you spend time on only the ideal employees.

Rank external candidates and consultants against internal employees

Instantly rank external candidates with current employees for a project role by activating SymbaSync’s Talent Sourcing Software Solution.


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The bank is considering using my skills better because I can always find the most suitable tasks for me.

OTP Bank Employee

Creates an incentive to participate and update skills and experience, unlike other platforms. It allows for cross-functional training and experience to occur more easily.

OTP Bank Project Leader

This dramatically helps improve the deployment of intellectual capital where and when it is best needed.

OTP Bank Project Leader

This creates an overview of resourcing needs throughout such a large organization, definitely opening up the opportunity for qualified people to be considered for more projects.

RBS/Natwest Bank Employee

This can save me days of going through trying to identify potential team members, a huge time and money savings.

RBS/Natwest Bank Project Leader