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The best organizations deploy project teams quickly and often.

TeamCreator software is built for every member of your organization to be quickly sourced, assigned, and deployed on valuable projects and tasks.

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Availability & Location

Identify team members available now or in the future to deploy on projects & tasks. 

Skills & Certifications

Deploy people quickly and confidently with an always up-to-date and accurate SkillsDB and certification status tracker.

Assignments & Scheduling

One click assigns, gains approvals, and informs employees/contractors of their deployment.

“This dramatically helps improve the deployment of intellectual capital where and when it is best needed.”

-Márk Zsuga, OTP Head of Digital (13-Countries, Central & Eastern Europe)

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Budget Fit

Ensure team members, contractors, and employees fit within your project budget. 


View analysis of speed of deployment, project results, team feedback, skill growth, and employee engagement.


All employees & contractors receive equal opportunity by removing bias and network importance from the process.

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“No searching or sorting through people. It is pretty much instant. 15-minutes after filling out role data I started to have a team. That would have taken me weeks to months. Also, great overview of company resources.”

–Chris Marks, NatWest Digital Projects Lead (5-Countries, 7-offices, Europe & SE Asia)

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How It Works

Efficient Deployment Management in One Location

Skill, availability, location, cost, qualification, interest, evaluation, and assignment have never been easier

Maximize Your Deployment Capabilities Using Automated Database Management

Automation of onboarding & ongoing management ensures skills, industry, sector, and preferences are always accurate

Master Quality Control with Automated Project Follow-up

End of project auto-updates guarantees an up-to-date experience database and project feedback

“Creates an incentive to participate and update skills and experience, unlike other platforms.  It allows for cross-functional training and experience to occur more easily.”

-Thomas Pabst, Skillnet (40-Countries, Global)

Engage. Deploy. Retain.

Engage and source for project teams instantly from amongst your employees and contractors in a way where no one is left out, no individual is under-utilized, and  everyone feels more company devotion.

Deploy and develop your employees based on experience, skills, location, interest, costs, and availability ensuring the best, most logical talent deployed on the correct projects.

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Retain employees by deploying them without bias without relying on word-of-mouth, who you know, or career pages; maximising return on employee investment (ROEI) and engaging your workforce is proven to improve retention.

TeamCreator is PROACTIVE, collecting employee & contractor interest.  Participants’ project and skill desires are stored and used as a part of the instant notification process. Top matches for projects receive an email and are invited to express interest on all projects. Lessor matches can still express interest if desired.

TeamCreator Employee-Contractor Dashboard

Simple plans hosted in the cloud

50+ users? We offer discounts for large teams!  Compare package features


2017, 2018, 2019 SME News Most Innovative & Best HR Tech Award Winners

2019 Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Award: Best Matching Platform Developers – United Kingdom

2020 CorporateLiveWire Magazine: HR Software Company of the Year

2021 Welp Magazine: Top U.K. Project Management Companies

Main Features

Instantly identify and notify top matching employees for appropriate roles in a project team

Publish a project role and with one click TeamCreator notifies the top matching employees to inform them about the project and request feedback on their interest.

Engaged workforce means employee retention and mobility

Maximize the investment spent hiring and developing employees, plus utilize that intellectual capital by keeping them interested and engaged with new and agile project teams.

There is no “search” to identify candidates, every employee is instantly ranked for each role

TeamCreator instantly ranks every employee in the system based on availability, skills, sector experience, cost, and more, so you spend time on only the ideal employees.

Rank external candidates and consultants against internal employees

Instantly rank external candidates with current employees for a project role by activating SymbaSync’s Talent Sourcing Software Solution.